Showcase 2018

The high school leadership team spent last summer deciding how to put their own spin on what we called PLC’s (professional learning communities).  The team discussed how they wanted this to be more of a labor of love and a way to share interests and passion in education.  They came up with the term ~ Passion Projects and the slide show below gives you a glimpse into what the various groups came up with this year.  The only criteria was that the project had to have a positive impact on our high school.  These projects certainly did that!  I continue to be so impressed with the level of commitment and dedication we have at RHS~ it is my pleasure to work with such amazing colleagues!

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It was a perfect evening- 560 students enjoying a night of fun and friends.  It never gets old watching our seniors come together as a class one last time!!  We wish them much love, luck and happiness!

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Happy Memorial Day

This video will remind us all of the significance of this weekend.  At my Dad’s repast an army of bagpipers just happened to walk in to the restaurant and when they learned that the repast was for a veteran they all marched into the room we were in and played Amazing Grace- so this has an extra special significance for me!

I am reminded over and over again of the importance of celebrating our loved ones and the importance of RAMily and family!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Dear All

As we begin this week of appreciation I want to offer my sincere thoughts on the magnitude of what you do.
You each have entered a career- whether recently or some time ago- that allows you the opportunity to have a profound impact on many lives- and even ones you may never know you are influencing.
This is proven over and over again when your past students share their memories in letters or emails- but there are many, many more that you’ve touched.   How can I say that with any certainty? I can because even a year after my Dad’s death – there are former players, students and colleagues still reaching out to recount stories and memories.
Don’t ever doubt and don’t ever forget the influence you have over young lives.  Continue to use it wisely and please know how very much you are respected and appreciated.  Please enjoy this week during which we all get to celebrate YOU!
THANK YOU for all that you do each and every day for our students and our school.
Debbie and the ADMIN TEAM!

Safety and celebrations…

This is a wonderful time during the school year filled with warmer weather and lots of celebrations for successful accomplishments, proms, championships, etc.  Regardless of the number of years I have been watching your children ~ our students~ participate in  these events, it never loses its charm.  Watching them live through experiences that will become lifelong memories is one of the priceless things about being an educator.

We so appreciate you sharing your children with us and I know we agree that we want all of those celebrations to be memorable and safe.  To that end, our Morris County Prosecutor, Mr. Frederick Knapp has shared a letter that is attached~ Prosecutor’s Letter

We are all looking forward to a terrific end to this school year and I think I can safely say we are out of the snow season (hopefully I didn’t jinx anything :-)!)

55 days and counting!