Dear All

As we begin this week of appreciation I want to offer my sincere thoughts on the magnitude of what you do.
You each have entered a career- whether recently or some time ago- that allows you the opportunity to have a profound impact on many lives- and even ones you may never know you are influencing.
This is proven over and over again when your past students share their memories in letters or emails- but there are many, many more that you’ve touched.   How can I say that with any certainty? I can because even a year after my Dad’s death – there are former players, students and colleagues still reaching out to recount stories and memories.
Don’t ever doubt and don’t ever forget the influence you have over young lives.  Continue to use it wisely and please know how very much you are respected and appreciated.  Please enjoy this week during which we all get to celebrate YOU!
THANK YOU for all that you do each and every day for our students and our school.
Debbie and the ADMIN TEAM!

Safety and celebrations…

This is a wonderful time during the school year filled with warmer weather and lots of celebrations for successful accomplishments, proms, championships, etc.  Regardless of the number of years I have been watching your children ~ our students~ participate in  these events, it never loses its charm.  Watching them live through experiences that will become lifelong memories is one of the priceless things about being an educator.

We so appreciate you sharing your children with us and I know we agree that we want all of those celebrations to be memorable and safe.  To that end, our Morris County Prosecutor, Mr. Frederick Knapp has shared a letter that is attached~ Prosecutor’s Letter

We are all looking forward to a terrific end to this school year and I think I can safely say we are out of the snow season (hopefully I didn’t jinx anything :-)!)

55 days and counting!

And they do it again….


The RHS instructional coaches allowed their principal co-worker to team up with them to present at the national ASCD conference in Boston.  The selection process started a year ago with an application and ended with a session attended by over 150 teachers, coaches and administrators who came to hear about redefining school success through transformational coaching.  This interactive session described the now successful program from the beginning stages and included multiple ways for the attendees to continue to interact with us.  Many schools expressed an interest in visiting our program from states all over the country.

This instructional coaching growth model continues to be at the forefront of non evaluative coaching programs.  The success is directly attributed to our coaches and I could not be more impressed by their continued dedication to enhancing classroom practices.

Bruce and Ellen Eisenberg, founders of the Pennsylvania Institute of Instructional Coaching and authors of “Instructional Coaching in Action” attended the presentation which was quite an honor.  They have been instrumental in assisting our coaches with starting the coaching program at RHS.

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Off to dinner…


Our bowling athletes once again made a star worthy showing at the Play Unified Bowling Championships.  A huge shout out to our coaches, Ms. Mountjoy and Ms. Donnelly ~ they are simply the best!!!  THANK YOU also to our play unified athletes who helped to train our athletes and team up with them on game day ~ Emma Cassano, Frank Zarillo and Madisen Ross.

Look out Track and Field ~ HERE WE COME!