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You may or may not know that RHS is currently offering dual enrollment possibilities in a few of our courses.  The definition below will provide a bit more detail into this real opportunity for students to not only earn college credit but to also:

  • have a chance to experience interests and passions prior to college
  • earn a business ready certificate while still attending high school
  • set apart their transcript from other high school students by adding college credits/transcript to a high school transcript
  • earn college credits at a reduced rate
  • potentially interact with college professors and take advantage of college resources.

In recent years, dual-enrollment programs, courses, and experiences have grown in popularity in the United States, and they are generally viewed as a way to expose students to collegiate learning, demystify the collegiate experience, provide more challenging learning opportunities, increase postsecondary aspirations, or accelerate the attainment of a college degree—all of which can contribute to higher enrollment, success, and degree-attainment rates in postsecondary education programs.

In addition, since dual-enrollment programs may allow students to earn both high school and college credit simultaneously, they can decrease the amount of time—by a semester, year, or even more—commonly required to earn a two- or four-year postsecondary degree. And because the cost of dual-enrollment courses may be fully or partially subsidized, the expenses and loan debt averted by students and families can also improve the chances that a student will choose to enroll in and complete a postsecondary program. (The growing costs associated with earning a college degree, and concerns about taking on loan debt, are among the most frequently cited reasons why students decide not to pursue postsecondary education.) 

Randolph High School currently has partnerships with Rider University, Fairleigh Dickinson University and our very own County College of Morris.  We are currently pursuing opportunities with other colleges and universities to offer students dual enrollment options while still in high school ~


Please take some time to review the latest information on what many are referring to as the vaping epidemic-


The latest from an article published in Education Week-

Stop Vaping, CDC Warns, as Deaths and Illness Linked to E-Cigarettes Grows

After the death of a third person has been linked to vaping, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising people to refrain from using e-cigarettes. The warning comes as a fast-growing number of respiratory illnesses tied to e-cigarettes has sickened more than 400 people in 33 states, killing three.




The HS continues to have a team of teachers and administrators who meet regularly during lunch to “chat and chew!”  ( I borrowed that from our instructional coaches).  As part of one of those leadership discussions a few years ago we talked about ways to continue to enhance the culture and climate of RHS.  We wanted the idea to be driven by passion and not by directives or deadlines.  We came up with PASSION PROJECTS and left the rest to the staff.  Our only oversight was that the project had to in some way have a positive impact on the culture and climate of the high school.

These projects do not take the place of meetings or department goals or building goals ~ they do not take the place of professional learning communities.  Our teachers still meet with departments for vertical and horizontal curriculum alignment and with the building as a whole.  These projects go above and beyond to add that extra level beyond compliance that contributes to building our RAMily.

I am once again incredibly impressed with our staff.  We combined our PASSION PROJECT SHOWCASE with a little gelato provided by the administrative/supervisory team as well as the continuation of our professional development work (curriculum/assessment alignment) and it turned out to be a great afternoon.

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608CD212-3F17-49E0-B820-157BAD1A31BFA wise person once said that it is never good to have just one ROCK STAR IN A FAMILY ~ which works for the Lonie Family because now they have 2!  (Mr. Lonie was our rock star last year!)

It is with much pride and great pleasure that I introduce to you the RHS Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Michelle Lonie.  She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in English with a minor in Creative Writing and a Masters of Arts in Teaching English with a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing.  She has also earned her School Library Media Specialist certification.  Mrs. Lonie teaches children in courses that include all levels of English and most recently signed on as one of our AP Capstone instructors.

While accolades for Mrs. Lonie could fill this room, they would not be what makes her worthy of being Teacher of the Year.  Mrs. Lonie has the innate ability to see hearts and souls first ~ content second.  She connects with students in such a way that they understand that she is going to work with them endlessly until they reach their actual potential.  She facilitates, motivates, engages, guides, comforts if necessary and repeats the process until goals are reached.

Mrs. Lonie has earned the respect of her students, her colleagues, the administration and our entire school community.  She is instrumental in making this high school all that it is and this administrator could not be more proud to work along side her.



In memory…

Happy Memorial Day Weekend ~ in addition to enjoying family and friends and hopefully some great weather with burgers on the grill, please take time to celebrate the memories of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice…