More student reflections…

The students are doing amazing things online with their teachers and also working individually and in groups to keep our RAM community strong.  We keep the faith that we will see them sooner rather than later.

More English students sharing thoughts on being quarantined….

It has been an awful experience.
very scary and very boring
Stressful, and more aware of my health
procrastination is a struggle for me
It has been pleasing but repetitious
Boring, Annoying, Uneventful, Relaxing, Stressful, Normal.
It has been a dreadful experience
The quarantine is making me very bored.
Awful, annoying, long, tiring, boring, delicious
It’s boring and stressing
It’s been pretty crazy
I have no social life
I feel nervous being home all day
inspiring, difficult, relaxing, confusing, fun, stressful
Coronavirus has made me feel unsafe.
Disconnected with the rest of the world
this situation is inconvenient for me
Not that bad, could be better
Using the closure to my advantage
It has been boring every day
It’s been really boring and continuous
Weird, boring, anxiety, lonely, historic experience
this has been stressful and confusing
Relaxing, so I get my work done.
The craziest time of my life
Enabled me to focus and adapt!
Self-isolation is fun and easy
dangerous, annoying, scary, boring, lock-down, alone
anxiety distance resourcefulness fear stress worry
It scares me quite a bit
This is confusing and very weird
It’s horrible, i want it over
Forced and taught me to adapt
I wish I was at school
Trapped and I miss my friends.
Tired, Exhausting, Relaxed, Annoying, Anxious, Paranoid
It has affected how I go to school
Worried, scared, burden, compacted, nervous, relieved
School has been very interesting recently
The most fun never asked for!!
I hate staying inside all day
Most devastating event in modern history
Not bad, getting bored, always eating
Ruined one of my greatest opportunities
I am very bored and tired
Wonder, it’s been wonder because everything is new and no one knows what’s going on.
Can’t leave the house at all
Realized how I need my friends
I am enjoying online school
boring, going slow, stressful, lonely, energetic
The Coronavirus is ruining my vibe.
the coronavirus makes me feel stuck.
This experience has been very stressful

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