Student journals…

One of our history teachers received permission from students to share some journal entries regarding their experiences during this coronavirus pandemic.  This is a small sample of the awesome students we have at RHS ~ GO RAMS!!

  • Journal Entry from 3/16: “At work everything seems to be running the same, but the question is for how long? I’ve overheard my **; ** is very paranoid about this… curb-side pickup and delivery method and if this does not work then ** will be forced to close the restaurant. For all workers they must take extra precautions and must wash their hands as soon as they come to work, before they go on a delivery and after they come back from a delivery. They seem to be making jokes about this virus, one of my co-workers stated that he would have to buy a hazmat suit soon…”
  • Journal Entry from 3/24: “In my work we have begun to do a curb side pick-up because just last week everything was normal, normal delivery normal pick-ups and normal dine ins, now it’s weird to see how my co-workers who worked at the restaurant area to no longer have a job because of the coronavirus. We are all required now to wear gloves.”
  • Journal Entry from 3/24: “I’m an essential worker. I am a cashier at *** and I’m currently working a few days this week.  My mom and my whole family has encouraged me to quit my job because they are afraid of being exposed to other people, but I have decided to stay because I know they need people to keep working.  I’m taking all safety precautions while I’m at my workplace…when I’m at work, I wear gloves, wash my hands, and wear a mask.  These are scary times and I really want everything to be normal again.  Every hour something changes and sometimes I don’t know what to expect.”

When the teacher asked this student if the journal could be shared, the student replied “My mom always taught us to help when we can and I know I can help”

  • Journal Entry from 3/24: “Personally my family is well and no one has fallen ill.  It has become much harder to do business though as many companies are not operating at this time.  .  From the first responder side of things, my department has limited the number of members who can respond on a rig to 4.  Also we are looking to move to 12 hour shifts due to the lack of man power and call volume in the town.”