Student Reflections

Through some of our English classes, we asked students to share in a few words their reflections on this coronavirus quarantine ~

It’s hard, but everything is okay.

feels like I’m in a movie

Boring, but sometimes calming and relaxing

a once in a lifetime experience

It’s all a bit crazy

A devastating and inconvenient experience

It is relaxing and surreal.

An overwhelming and nearly unimaginable time

When life gives you lemons

My experience has been complicated.

This change has been very interesting.

It’s like a sad story plot

How is this real life?

I am simply vibing

Scary how life changes so quickly

My experience has been new

this is not my senior year

Rather be in a classroom right now

I want this to go away

Can’t believe this is happening

It is annoying and very stressful

Isolated and taking for granted

This situation is frightening and deadly.

I don’t like it, wish I was in school

Made me feel arts and crafty. It has been relaxing to not fully focus on school, but I’m filled with boredom and I feel that I’ve been using my devices way too much, but I’ve been able to do exercises and cycle around the block. I’ve completed a puzzle, which if fun for me. I’ve been reading a book, which I don’t really do, but it will make me better at reading. Then I drew some photos which was okay.

Always at home is not fun

It’s been very stressful sometimes but I am getting used to it still need to complete lots of assignments because I procrastinate to much

1-stressful 2-depressed 3-tired 4-happy 5-hopeful 6-problematic

It makes me very sad because most of my everyday things have either been canceled or postponed for who knows how long. However, the good side about it is that I get to spend more time with my family.

It’s been nice to stay home but I miss my friends

It really ruins every day activities

Boring and wish school was back to normal


THANKS TO OUR STUDENTS FOR SHARING THEIR THOUGHTS ~ I know we are all hoping this ends sooner rather than later!

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