Be well…

These are certainly unprecedented times all around.  Please…

  • Stick to a routine ~ use the Day 1, Day 2 routine established to stay on top of your school work and devote those times to your academics.  Don’t let yourself stray too far from staying on track.
  • Don’t stress if the online systems in place don’t work perfectly or exactly as planned initially.  This is the first time out for all of us and there will likely be growing pains.  We will need to figure this out together.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out at anytime with any questions or concerns.  We want to be as responsive as we can during this time.
  • While the weather is cooperating ~ spend time outdoors each day.  Its amazing how some fresh air and sunshine can help brighten the spirits.
  • Engage in whatever activity provides you a sense of calm ~ and do it daily
  • Watch only as many updates as necessary to stay informed.  Consistent watching of coronavirus news can be hard to digest.
  • Make a list of all the things that you always complain you don’t have time for and begin to check those off.
  • Journal what’s happening and your thoughts to share with yourself five or ten years from now and/or family members at some point down the road.  This is an unprecedented time for us.
  • Access the multitude of social media links and sites already devoted to potential creative resources available to families and students.  Many companies and individual authors are also offering free access during this time so don’t hesitate to take advantage.  Museums are offering virtual tours ~what a great way to travel from home.
  • Heed the advice from professionals in the know and of course your families.  We all need to do everything we can to help our communities manage this collective fight.  Be safe and well ~

Found this graphic on how social distancing can be a factor…