A first time for everything…

I have had the pleasure this year of working closely with Randolph colleagues as well as folks at CCM regarding the opportunities available for RHS students to participate in dual enrollment courses while they are completing their high school diploma.  According to an article in Public School Review updated in May of 2018,  the following benefits were noted when contemplating dual enrollment;

  • Less time required after high school to finish a college degree
  • Provides students with a head start on the college experience
  • Dual-enrollment classes often save students money on tuition
  • Students may enjoy access to college library and resources
  • Grades earned become part of the student’s permanent transcript
  • Students may be able to transfer credits earned to a four-year school
  • Classes may offer a lower ratio of students to instructors
  • Students may explore fields of study that help them choose a major later
  • Students may choose from classes not currently available at their high school
Dual-enrollment gives students a taste of college coursework while they are still enjoying the safe confines of the high school environment. At the same time, students earn credits that will apply toward a two-year degree at the school, or even toward a four-year degree, if the credits transfer fully to the four-year school of choice.
Randolph High School is looking forward to continuing to offer our students many avenues to pursue their passions and reach their actual potential while they enjoy their high school journey.


Dr. Simmons, Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Management at CCM recently set up a signing ceremony at CCM for the members of the Randolph School District and CCM leaders to include President Anthony Iacono to celebrate the beginning of our working together to provide dual enrollment courses to RHS students.  When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised to also find in attendance Dr. Lamont Repollet, the NJ Commissioner of Education.  After 40 + years in education, I never had the distinct pleasure of meeting the Commissioner ~ until now.  I must say it was definitely a highlight for me and I was so impressed with his sincerity and his genuine desire to be out among the districts in his state to actively engage in what is going on in the schools.  He also commented on his support of dual enrollment opportunities and the inclusion of the same on the New Jersey School Report Card.  THANK YOU Dr. Repollet for being on hand to celebrate this partnership between the Randolph School District and the County College of Morris ~ I will reflect on meeting you as a highlight of my educational career!
Randolph Dual Enrollment Signing