I don’t know where I found this note to self to give credit to the author but wanted to share ~

“What is my purpose in life?” I asked the void.

“What if I told you that you fulfilled it when you took an extra hour to talk to that kid about his life?” said the voice.

“Or when you paid for that young couple in the restaurant?  Or when you saved that dog in traffic?  Or when you tied your father’s shoes for him?”

“Your problem is that you equate your purpose with goal based achievement.  The universe isn’t interested in your achievements…just your heart.  When you choose to act out of kindness, compassion and love, you are already aligned with your true purpose.

No need to look any further!”

As I sit around my Thanksgiving table this year I will make a conscious effort to be grateful for the family and friends that I can hug, laugh with and reach across the table to hold their hand.   I have found that the art of being grateful brings peace.

Best wishes to all for a wonderful Thanksgiving season filled with much joy and lots of love!

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