608CD212-3F17-49E0-B820-157BAD1A31BFA wise person once said that it is never good to have just one ROCK STAR IN A FAMILY ~ which works for the Lonie Family because now they have 2!  (Mr. Lonie was our rock star last year!)

It is with much pride and great pleasure that I introduce to you the RHS Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Michelle Lonie.  She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in English with a minor in Creative Writing and a Masters of Arts in Teaching English with a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing.  She has also earned her School Library Media Specialist certification.  Mrs. Lonie teaches children in courses that include all levels of English and most recently signed on as one of our AP Capstone instructors.

While accolades for Mrs. Lonie could fill this room, they would not be what makes her worthy of being Teacher of the Year.  Mrs. Lonie has the innate ability to see hearts and souls first ~ content second.  She connects with students in such a way that they understand that she is going to work with them endlessly until they reach their actual potential.  She facilitates, motivates, engages, guides, comforts if necessary and repeats the process until goals are reached.

Mrs. Lonie has earned the respect of her students, her colleagues, the administration and our entire school community.  She is instrumental in making this high school all that it is and this administrator could not be more proud to work along side her.



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