The HS continues to have a team of teachers and administrators who meet regularly during lunch to “chat and chew!”  ( I borrowed that from our instructional coaches).  As part of one of those leadership discussions a few years ago we talked about ways to continue to enhance the culture and climate of RHS.  We wanted the idea to be driven by passion and not by directives or deadlines.  We came up with PASSION PROJECTS and left the rest to the staff.  Our only oversight was that the project had to in some way have a positive impact on the culture and climate of the high school.

These projects do not take the place of meetings or department goals or building goals ~ they do not take the place of professional learning communities.  Our teachers still meet with departments for vertical and horizontal curriculum alignment and with the building as a whole.  These projects go above and beyond to add that extra level beyond compliance that contributes to building our RAMily.

I am once again incredibly impressed with our staff.  We combined our PASSION PROJECT SHOWCASE with a little gelato provided by the administrative/supervisory team as well as the continuation of our professional development work (curriculum/assessment alignment) and it turned out to be a great afternoon.

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