Time to plan…

Hard to believe but this is actually the time of year to start planning your schedule for the upcoming school year 2019-2020.  Looking through a curriculum handbook can be somewhat of a daunting task.  At RHS we use a three tiered recommendation process giving students, teachers and parents an opportunity to talk about levels of core content courses for the upcoming school year.  Please use this time to take a sincere look at where you want to challenge yourself academically and how you want to prioritize your time.  There is also much thought that comes with deciding what electives will be most beneficial and fulfill requirements.  Included are some helpful hints as you move through your high school career to choose electives and possibly set your transcript apart from the norm:

  • Where do you think you want to be at the end of your four years?  This does not mean you have to have a definite career already chosen.  However, if you have certain interest areas, take a look at potential electives that are offered over the four years of high school and pick those that most closely align to a career path of interest.  The high school has begun to map out pathways such as the Education Pathway that, if completed, will allow you to transcript a certificate issued by the State of NJ upon graduation.  You will see this when you look through our handbook.
  • Consider a dual enrollment course.  As you look through our course selection handbook, take note of the dual enrollment opportunities.  We are looking to expand these possibilities as another way to highlight your high school transcript with college credits.
  • Investigate how our Option II program could benefit you.  Option II allows for a wealth of possibilities within the four years of high school.  Students who are self directed and motivated to follow less conventional paths of education are strongly encouraged to investigate Option II.  RHS has had numerous students placed in fashion, air travel, education, finance, business etc.   Another avenue of Option II involves our seniors who can benefit from our senior internship program in the last few weeks of their senior year by opting out of classes replaced by some real life experiences.
  • Incoming freshmen should strongly consider the freshman seminar class.  This semester course will acquaint them with all aspects of high school life and begin to map out that four year plan.  It is very hands on and relevant.
  • Our AP Capstone program offers students the chance to earn an AP Certificate and/or an AP Diploma upon graduation.  The program consists of two classes ~ AP Seminar and AP Research ~ with both courses being more about process than content.  In these AP classes, students have more choice in what topics they investigate.  RHS was one of the first high schools in NJ to be accepted into this program.

This is just a brief overview of all that RHS has to offer.  Please take some time to really look through our handbook and make thoughtful decisions about classes.  We are ready, willing and able to help you make decisions along the way.  More information regarding course selection will be coming out in the month of February with the scheduling window opening toward the middle to the end of that month.

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