Thanksgiving 2018

A snow day before Thanksgiving ~ hard to believe!!  Another Thanksgiving here already ~ also hard to believe!

What remains constant in this ever changing and fast moving world is how grateful I am for my family and friends ~  made better by the fact that I get to come to this amazing high school each day to work with amazing staff and students. 

The Thanksgiving holiday has always been a time of reflection for me.  Something I try to remember each day is that we are defined only by that which we choose to be defined by.  With everyone’s ability these days to write and post anything and everything they wish whether it be based on fact or not is creating a world in which it is sometimes difficult to navigate through and sometimes leads us away from focusing on those things we should be grateful for.  Block out the noise ~ stay true to yourself and your values ~ be grateful for what is and whenever possible do the small thing that makes someone else feel big!   I love my family ~ they are my rock.  I am thankful for my friends ~ they are near and dear to me and never let me down.  I am grateful that my career has provided me amazing opportunities to interact with incredible young people.  And I am forever grateful that I have memories of a Dad that loved me unconditionally.

Just sharing a few pics of me being grateful since last Thanksgiving 🙂


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