If it was me…

could I have done what they did?

This September 11th marks the dedication of a new memorial in Shanksville, PA.  The Tower of Voices was designed with wind chimes to replicate the voices of the 40 people who lost their lives.  Many of these individuals were able to leave what I am sure were heart wrenching voice mail messages for their loved ones.  It is reported that some who actually spoke with those not on the flight soon realized that they were likely part of the terrorist attack and decided to fight back.   Did they realize that by fighting back and forcing the crash in Shanksville, that they were sparing lives and destruction on what many believe was supposed to be an attack on the US Capitol?  When thinking about the courage of those on board, it is impossible to imagine that while knowing on some level that you were likely not going to see your loved ones again~  you somehow had to find the inner strength to do whatever possible to hopefully stop the hijacking in progress.

We all have those we call heroes ~ both personal to just us and some well known and of celebrity status.  I don’t think there is any doubt that these 40 individuals are heroes in every sense of the word.

It is hard to believe this attack is already 17 years old ~ I hope we all still take a moment to reflect and remember this day.

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