Passionate ~ Committed ~ Consummate professional ~ Student Advocate ~ Collaborative Colleague ~ Master Teacher
All of these phrases describe Mr. Lonie~ RHS ROCK STAR 2018
Mr. Lonie graduated from Holmdel High School and Georgetown University.  Afterwards he spent time living and working with the Jesuits in Syracuse NJ both teaching and working in a prison and palliative care hospital.  It was through the Jesuits that he learned that education should lead us all to service for others.  In his years here he has taught Introduction to Philosophy, Holocaust, Genocide Studies, AP European History, AP Seminar, AP Research, World History, US History I.
Mr. Lonie has truly loved working with the Class of 2016, the Key Club, the Student Association for Gender Equality, the Jewish Service Club and the Speech and Debate Team.  This year he is very proud of his work with the Randolph Runs for a Purpose club ~ an organization that combines a commitment to wellness with performing direct community service.
Mr. Lonie is a true asset to Randolph High School and we are so proud he is part of our RAMily!  On a personal note ~ I could not be more proud to work with such a tremendous colleague ~ Thanks Mike for all you do for RHS!
Rock Star 1Rock Star 2


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