Smell the coffee

The amount of conversation about stress is on the rise this year.  We have taken time to reach out to student groups to figure out what is causing the most stress as well as what, if anything, we can do to help.  Students have been honest in sharing their feelings about the stress they are feeling now and regarding post high school ~ not only which college but the pressure of having to answer questions like, where did you apply, what do you want to major in, what is your top choice, did you get a scholarship and on and on.  Then there are those students who may be thinking that maybe they don’t want to go to college ~ maybe they are considering the military, the workforce, a gap year, a certificated trade school etc.  Are we sending the right message to all of those groups?  We will continue to work on that to be sure the answer is yes.  Our goal is to validate each and every student and let them know that there are many paths to success.

We are experimenting with a few in house ideas to hopefully provide some choice time for students as well as some orchestrated down time.  We will institute a zero period and a no homework weekend.  Afterwards we will reflect and continue to tweak ideas in this area- stay tuned!!

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