Warm Wishes

I recently asked an accomplished writer to review my blog and give me some constructive feedback as I am always looking for ways to enhance the content.  The very first comment I received was that it needed to be more personal.  So, what better time to get personal than at the holidays with some personal memories.

Reflecting on this particular holiday season brings to mind not so much my own memories from childhood but more the memories I have of my boys ~ which I am sure are likely similar to many of the parents reading this.  The first Christmas morning with my 10 month old son was spent in an apartment and I think my biggest wish was to get him to sleep through the night (which by the way didn’t happen until after the one year mark!).  Of course, being the first grandchild on the Gallo side, there were all kinds of presents with the wrapping paper being the biggest hit. The day was spent driving around to the relatives to show him off.  We were able to move to a home and the second Christmas we were so excited to put up and decorate a real Christmas tree.  That night we were up with an incredibly sick child which was puzzling because we were so protective of him I was positive a germ couldn’t have gotten within a 100 yards of him.  We discovered that he was allergic to the Christmas tree and had to take it down.   Funny how that protectiveness disappears with son #2 ~ I think we actually stopped at the Shop Rite on the way home from the hospital a day after he was born.

When I think back on all those Christmas seasons gone by I remember always wondering if we got enough presents, the right presents, were they going to be happy, excited, and yes, would the turkey be dry yet again.  But as the boys grew, I began to realize that those worries were nothing compared to wondering if they would make friends, would they like school, would they learn to read, were they going to be athletes, musicians, electricians, writers, doctors etc,. were they going to college and which one, would they get a good job and have health insurance, would they…and the list goes on.

I’ve since come to learn that all that really matters is that they are happy and healthy, and that they know that I love and support them, that I will be their mother forever and always, and that they will always have a home wherever I am.

My wish for all of you is that you have some time to spend sharing your heart with those who will share theirs with you.  Let them know just how special they are not because of anything they have done but simply because of who they are.

Now for a little personal FUN…



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