And the fun continues…

Kudos again to our fabulous staff and incredibly supportive special services department for creating such awesome experiences for our students ~ truth be told the adults are enjoying it just as much as the students!  So exciting to see the growth from these experiences!


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Our summer extended school year program is well underway with our outstanding educators ~ Mr. Eva and Ms. Mountjoy teaming up with Amy Baruch and our paraprofessionals ( Tom Sharkey, Paul Conboy, Nancy Darcie, Fred Yawger) to provide our students with terrific summer experiences.  Stay tuned for pictures of more events ~ including fishing :-)~ throughout the summer!


MORE PICS ~ future pizza makers  teaming up with expert advice from Mr. Curioni and Mrs. McBreen 🙂

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Fish Fry anyone………..the adventures continue with Ms. Hackney and Mr. Dimiceli offering some expert consultation 🙂

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