If you haven’t heard me say it before ~ let me say it again.  I have the pleasure of working with and collaborating with an amazing group of instructional coaches.  Adriana, Lena and I focused our passion for this program into an article that was accepted for publication in the NJ Principals and Supervisors Association magazine ~ Educational Viewpoints.  I have included the link to the pdf for your reading pleasure.  I hope it gives you a glimpse into what this program has provided for the high school.

Collaboration with instructional coaches

Play Unified at RHS

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Randolph High School hosted the second annual Play Unified Special Olympic Summit with 8 schools in attendance.  The day was a collaboration of student athletes from all sports and levels.  The morning was spent on the soccer field playing various life time sports such as bocce.  The day continued with athletes from all schools having an opportunity to share what is great about their unified program.  As put so eloquently by one of our own ~ being involved in Special Olympics is like having a new family.

Many thanks to Brianne McBreen, Rick Eva, Patti Mountjoy, Erin Donnelly, Kim Valvano, Bosco VanderDoes, Christine Morrison, Tom Sharkey, Stephen Rosenberg and our RHS student athletes who have helped all year with our Play Unified Program.