Interesting topic in Education…

The concept of tracking (leveling) students in education has been a long standing discussion and one could intelligently provide a research based argument in either direction.  I thought you might enjoy reading through a few different viewpoints:

Charlottesville High School experience with unleveling classes ~ worthy to note that UVA is home to the guru of differentiation ~ Carol Ann Tomlinson

The detracking debate:

What needs to happen for detracking to be set up for success:

Multiple considerations when deciding on tracking or  not tracking:

How to start undoing a system of tracking:

I believe that one of the most important jobs of everyone in education is to be sure we are providing all students with the most appropriate formula for success and an opportunity to pursue their passions.  We currently offer classes at various levels at RHS and are always looking at research to be sure we are providing the best possible all around education.  The articles will hopefully enlighten you to the ongoing debate in the education world around this topic ~ Enjoy the readings!

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