Answers to the Wilderness Test

A challenge was offered below to pass the Wilderness Test (underneath the assessment post on November 21st).

The answers as promised:

  1.  You are hungry and lost in wild country.  The best rule for determining which plants are safe to eat is to;
    1. put a bit of the plant on your lower lip for five minutes; if it seems ok, try a little.
  2. The day becomes dry and hot.  You have a full canteen of water (about one liter) with you.  You should;
    1. drink as much as you think you need when you need it
  3. You must ford a river that has a strong current, large rocks and some white water.  After carefully selecting your crossing spot, you should;
    1. leave your boots and pack on
  4. Your flashlight glows dimly as you are about to make your way back to your campsite after a brief foraging trip.  Darkness comes quickly in the woods, and the surroundings seem unfamiliar.  You should;
    1. put the batteries under your armpits to warm them and then replace them in the flashlight
  5. An early snow confines you to your small tent.  You doze with your small stove going.  There is a danger if the flame is;
    1. yellow.

SO ~ how did you score????

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