Dear RHS School Community;

On behalf of all of us here at RHS ~ we wish you a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

We always talk about sending thanks to those who have been influential in our lives.  Please try to take a moment and truly reflect on who and what makes your life special.  I know sometimes we get caught up in this thing called life and forget to stop and give a hug to those who have been there no matter what.

People come and go in our lives ~ some sincere and others not so much.  I am so thankful for my family and I wish my Dad was closer because I think above all, he and my mom have had my back no matter what.  And of course, my three boys at home 🙂  I am also blessed to have a career that I love and colleagues who could not be any more special.

I recently had a student from one of my early years of teaching return to visit me.  When he arrived at the door of the school, I will admit that I did not know who he was and was also a bit skeptical of his appearance and his motivation for showing up at the school.  I almost wasn’t going to speak with him.  When I went out, he handed me what was obviously an elementary school Thanksgiving project done by an elementary student.  He handed it to me and said that he was packing to be deployed overseas and he came across this project that he had saved from his days at Shongum when I was his teacher.  He commented that he felt like he had to find me to give me the project and let me know how much he remembered how I made him feel.  I looked down at the project and he had drawn a stick figure of me and wrote, I am thankful for my teacher.  Those are the moments that are truly priceless in this profession and the major reason we do what we do.  I am so thankful this young man took the time to come back and share that with me ~ I will treasure that moment always.

I hope this Thanksgiving holiday comes with a similar moment for all of you. Please accept my very best wishes for a wonderful weekend filled with good food, family and friends.


Mrs. I

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