ASCD ~ Ed Leadership TEAM

On November 3rd, a team of ten educators from RHS traveled to National Harbor, MD for an ASCD Educational Leadership Conference.  One of the most successful programs here at the high school is our instructional coaching program and it has been implemented by teacher leaders.  The privilege of attending this conference came with the understanding that the teachers would return to the high school better prepared to add to our teacher leadership core.

Keynote presentations were provided by Robert Marzano and Monica Martinez.  A common thread during these two events as well as much of the conference was the need for schools to transform not only how they teach but also how they assess.  Many sessions also focused on the power of instructional coaching and the positive impact it has in classrooms.

The team spent after session hours reviewing what was heard and seen and comparing and contrasting to what we do here at RHS.  Everyone was excited and rejuvenated to come home and begin sharing what we learned.  To that end, the team of ten continues to meet and will be leading upcoming professional development in the HS.


Dinner guests along with Rosie the Riveter!

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