Comments from BTSN

It was exciting to see so many of you at our Back to School Night this year.  As we are always trying to find ways to stay in touch with our high school families, I offered each parent an index card in homeroom to leave a comment and/or suggestion to which I would respond.

Those cards that provided individual email addresses received a response directly.  I would like to summarize the remaining cards to offer a bit in the way of updates for all.

Many cards expressed thanks for the programs offered and the excellent teachers in our high school.  I have passed along those sentiments to the teaching staff ~ thank you to those who took time to recognize our teachers.

A few cards had suggestions for athletics that included things like paper cups for providing drinks to athletes as well as suggestions for certain programs.  Those cards were given to the athletic department.  Thank you for those suggestions and comments.

Some suggestions included getting our students connected with guidance counselors as early as possible as well as questions about the college process and when that should begin.  These comments have been shared with our Director of Guidance.  This feedback is helpful when making plans for upcoming years.

The workload in certain classes was mentioned as well as the new homework policy.  Please note that our homework policy was recently revised and is located online at

Two suggestions included facility improvements in lighting and classroom atmosphere.  We will look at those specific locations for potential improvements.

Security was a topic in a handful of comments.  We are continuing to work toward providing as safe a setting here in school as possible.  We’ve held two parent sessions to go into more depth regarding our new procedures.  We will continue to stay abreast of best practices in this area.  The most recent social media incident is in the hands of our police department and the investigation is still underway to determine its source.  ID cards were mentioned and each student has been told to be sure they have their school ID on them at all times.  We are also beginning to utilize school ID’s for checking in to places like our guidance department, library and nurse’s office.  Staff members should also have their identification at all times.

One index card requested information on relationship building here at RHS.  We have received two national awards for our character development programs which are largely based in homeroom.  We just ran a school wide poster contest asking each homeroom to create goals for the school year related to our theme this year of ALL IN.  One homeroom per grade with the best overall goal poster won a bagel breakfast.  We have a group of students who annually produce an outstanding anti-bullying assembly program for the whole school as well as things like no name calling videos and quarterly programs designed around the relationship building theme.  We are always looking for new and interesting ideas in this areas so please feel free to send them our way.

One comment dealt with retaining teachers.  This is always our goal but often we have staff who relocate and/or are moving in to administrative positions causing them to leave RHS.  That is never our wish but we always wish them well.

For anyone who was unable to attend back to school night or for any comment I inadvertently missed,  please feel free to send an index card of comments or suggestions my way.  We always take comments to heart and use them for future planning.  While not every comment and/or suggestion can be honored they are all heard and reflected on.

I must admit I had a favorite card ~ it said, GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!

Thank you for your continued support of RHS ~ we do appreciate our school community and are lucky to work with such a terrific clientele.


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