National School Safety Advocacy Council

The Randolph School District and the Randolph Police Department recently received a national safety award at the School Safety Advocacy Council national conference.   The award was one of 7 from across the nation and was awarded to celebrate the security enhancements and effective collaboration between schools and police departments.

After devoting over a year to training administrators, staff, students and parents, I felt that compiling a nomination for our district and law enforcement professionals was warranted.  It was validating when a national organization agreed and awarded our combined efforts with a national award.

The conference itself was a wealth of information from a keynote SWAT officer who was present at three school shootings to listening to law enforcement and mental health professionals talk about how and why our youth may be affected by social media as well as pervasive bullying.

The district will continue to enhance our protocols and share appropriate information with our community.  To that end, high school parents/guardians will be invited to a repeat security presentation early in September to share with you how our drills will be enhanced.  Please stay tuned for that information and we urge you to make every effort to attend.


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