Benchmark Update/ MP 1 and 2 and 3

RHS School Community;

Our benchmark data is attached to this post.  There are 100 sections reflected.  We have examined all courses (included a sampling here) and made comparisons globally as well as with a focus on like classes (such as all Algebra II A classes).  All benchmark data evidences a reflection on the final grade no more than 3 points in either direction.  Benchmarks remain as 20% of the marking period grade and are given 4 times per year to be a practical reflection of skills and knowledge learned.

Supervisors in all departments continue to work with teachers to develop meaningful benchmark assessments that are more problem/project based in nature and that are created with vertical articulation among teachers of like subjects.  We also continue to stress the need to provide graded assessments to students to reflect on as a learning tool for moving forward.  Data from each marking period will be reflected as it is gathered.

Benchmark Grade Book Data 2015-2016

BenchmarkData MP 1and2

Benchmark Grade Book Data 2015-2016 -new