Kudos to the staff and students responsible for organizing a terrific American Education Week program.  Students from the Tomorrow’s Teachers program, Option II, our drama program, community service projects, our forensics program and the organizers of our upcoming TedXyouth event were on hand to share with the guests the exciting things that are happening at RHS.  The evening was done in the basic format of an ED CAMP – the latest in professional development for educators.  Basically, participants are free to move from one session to another getting exactly the information they need from each presentation.

Once again our students did not hesitate to shine.  It  is most exciting to see their passion when they get a chance to present something that is intrinsically motivating to them.

Please don’t hesitate to check out the social media pages regarding Option II ( and the facebook and twitter sites for the TED Xyouth event to be held at RHS on April 16, 2016!

I would also like to recognize and thank each and every staff member at RHS for their continued tireless devotion to our student body.


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