October 12th Professional Development

I could not have been more impressed with the RHS staff on October 12th!  We started the day with a fabulous pot luck breakfast in preparation for the morning RAM CAMP 3.0.  This type of educational professional development is “all the fudge” right now (as my mom would say!).  It is PD run totally by the participants.  This is the third time we have hosted this type of event and it just keeps getting better.  The success comes from the simple fact that teachers decide the session topics and teachers facilitate the session topics.  It is run by them – for them!

The afternoon was devoted to the creation of Professional Learning Communities.  These PLC’s are a chance for teachers to devote time to the areas they feel need enhancement within our school community.  We asked that the umbrella topic for these PLC’s be the building focus of assessment but that other topics were certainly credible.  Some sample PLC topics include:

Interdisciplinary Connections

Pedagogical Theory Implementation

Performance Based Assessment Creation

Standards Based Grading

Expand your students – Outside the Box

Increasing Student/Teacher GRIT

Veteran Teacher Playbook

Cultural Literacy

Teachers have been given 10 dedicated times during the year to devote to PLC meetings with the flexibility of utilizing some additional departmental as well as faculty time.  The end of the year will include reflection and sharing between and among PLC groups in the way of a pseudo PLC convention.  It is exciting to see what teachers can do when given the time and the opportunity to work collaboratively!

photophoto copyphoto[2]

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