Our 2015-16 school year is up and running.  We are truly looking forward to a terrific year.

It was important for us to begin this school year by establishing a feeling of community among staff and students.  To that end, we met with each class separately and with the entire school on Friday afternoon.

Guest speaker, Dave Stevens, spent some time talking to all of us and modeling the courage it takes to overcome adversity and play the hand your dealt to 150% of your ability.  His life is inspirational to say the least.  At the conclusion of the program – all 200 staff members marched through the gym holding a personally created sign – beginning with the words… I AM HERE…  The messages after those three words were heartfelt and demonstrated the reason teachers do what they do.  Each staff member will keep that poster in their teaching location as a reminder of our overall purpose – to help each and every student reach their potential.

Tuesday’s homeroom period will begin with a summary of that message and each member of our school community will receive a tangible reminder to keep throughout the year.

The relationships we are working to create are the cornerstone of what we are able to accomplish together. We look forward to partnering with you throughout this school year!

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