Results of the pilot week at RHS

June 2015

Dear RHS School Community:

As promised, the RHS administration has met with both staff and student representatives regarding all aspects of the schedule that was piloted during the week of June 1-5, 2015. Please note that the start and end times for the high school next year will be 7:45 – 2:45 as per our Board of Education vote at the May, 2015 meeting. This is separate from any adjustments to the block times at the high school.

The feedback received was very valuable and prompted discussions that have led to modifications of the pilot. The administration has taken into account the concern regarding unit lunch and has decided to allow unit lunch to remain at 50 minutes – exactly as it is this year. In order to do that, five minutes were removed from each of the two 75 minute blocks making them each 70 minutes. This allows for our dedicated lab time and provides the opportunity of a longer block for student inquiry/performance-based instruction in all classes. The placement of the 70-minute block remains under discussion with three options:
• surrounding unit lunch
• in the middle of the morning and the middle of the afternoon
• as the block before lunch and last block of the day
These options remain under discussion with a final decision to be made in early July.

Concerns were raised with regard to the RAM day and also the structure of a longer block. The RAM day will not be part of our schedule next year but will continue to be a discussion point with some variations being piloted throughout the year to better determine whether or not it should become a permanent part of the schedule. Consequently our current four-letter day rotation will remain intact. With regard to the structure of a longer block, we have already begun professional development workshops led by our instructional coaches. We have also designed summer workshops and planned numerous sessions both at the beginning of the school year as well as throughout the year to assist teachers with planning.

The high school administration would like to thank all staff and students for providing us with feedback. We believe that this schedule for next year will provide for appropriate and dedicated lab time, give all classes the opportunity for a longer block to initiate more student directed learning and preserve the unit lunch time for both staff and students. Once the placement of the longer block has been decided, an exact time schedule will be sent to all families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mrs. Iosso

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