Pilot Schedule for Week of June 1-5

As you may have heard, the hours for RHS will be moving to a 7:45 am start time with a 2:45 end time.  We are also moving to a full 7 hour student school day from the current 6 hours and 51 minutes.  Along with these changes the HS administration has been working toward providing a block schedule that will:

  • validate lab time and provide uninterrupted lab time
  • provide block times that will support performance based learning activities for students
  • ensure equity in teaching time for all staff
  • offer a type of day that would encourage student directed activity for at least a period of time

We have been discussing this in committee for this entire year.  We have also been meeting with student groups to get their input as well.  At this time, we would like to pilot a week of this schedule to see exactly how it will play out before we make any decisions for next year.  While we are not currently functioning on a 7 hour day we are going to extend the day for at least 4 minutes so we get as true a picture as possible.  The attached schedule will give you an exact picture of what the week of June 1-5 will look like.

After we pilot the schedule we will continue to meet with staff and students with the goal of making some final decisions early this summer.  IF we do decide to amend block times for next year there will be some minor adjustments that we are unable to make happen for the pilot.  This includes:

  • homeroom will be a separate time slot with a 5 minute passing time before the first block
  • we will decide where the longer block will be – either in the middle of each rotation or surrounding unit lunch
  • we may decide to float the RAM DAY

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation with this pilot and we will certainly keep in touch when and if any block time adjustments occur.

Enjoy the upcoming Memorial Day weekend – although I don’t see a 90 number yet – we are getting much closer!


Mrs. Iosso

Proposed Schedule Week June 1-5 final

4 thoughts on “Pilot Schedule for Week of June 1-5

  1. The pilot schedule makes absolutely no sense to me. The rationale needs more detailed explanation and I have no idea what “float the RAM DAY” refers to. I hate to see the confusion in the hallways of RHS. Another ill-conceived change similar to the 30-min delay in start time.


    • Mrs. Frederick
      The RAM day can be at any point during the week – not just on Wednesday. This is what is meant by floating. We are trying to solve some of the issues that we have with the current schedule – namely the ones that I mentioned:
      teacher equity in teaching time – a block of time that would allow for more performance based instruction – and uninterrupted and dedicated lab time for all of our science lab courses. Beyond that, please give me a call and I would be happy to discuss further. Also please take note that this is a pilot so we may discuss whether or not these ideas will actually do what we intend. Our discussions have not ended.
      Mrs. Iosso


  2. I understand the schedule but I don’t understand why start later in the day and finish later in the day. The traffic flow is not good anytime after 7am. and worse in the afternoon. That would mean that sports will start later in the day and and later in the day. With that said I don’t feel comfortable with that schedule because that mean that would mean that sports will start later in the day and and later in the day. With that said I don’t feel comfortable with that schedule. That means less time for the students to eat and do homework at home. Some of the assignments take so long to do that my daughter goes to sleep way after midnight trying to finish all homework.


    • Ms. Orama;
      Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the start and end times for the HS. This has been a decision that has been reviewed and approved by our district Board of Education. While I realize it is a change for us, I do believe that we will be able to make this work for all. There are other schools who have similar times that are able to continue participating in athletics with no interruption. Please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss further.
      Mrs. Iosso


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