BENCHMARK DATA 9/2014 – 6/24/2015

Attached is a chart that will give you an idea of the impact of benchmarks on the actual marking period grade.  The data sampling is coupled with informal surveys of staff and grade-books that validate what the data is showing – namely the negligible impact on marking period grades.  In other words, student scores on the benchmark are in the large majority of cases mirroring the grades students earn throughout the marking period.

We will continue to keep and analyze this type of data as we continue our focus on assessments.

****A final attachment shows the benchmark data from the 4th marking period.  The performance on the benchmark assessments are consistent with the overall grades students are earning in their classes.

Benchmark Data blog

Marking Period 4 Data

2 thoughts on “BENCHMARK DATA 9/2014 – 6/24/2015

  1. Will data for the remainder of the marking periods be made public as well? It would be both interesting and informative to view the trends that developed over the year.


    • The HS administration frequently reviews and analyzes data. When appropriate we will share the overall data analysis while safeguarding any specific student information.


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