And so it ends….Chapter 8 Make it Stick

A bit delayed due to snow – but we are at the end of our BIG READ!  Thanks again to Jonathan Olsen, humanities supervisor,  for making this suggestion last summer.  Anytime you can get 180 people having a conversation based on a single book – you are bound to get some good discussion, debate and conversation.  That is exactly what Make It Stick accomplished.

Chapter 8 was the author’s way of providing some practical advice about how to “learn.”  Tips were given for students, lifelong learners, teachers and finally trainers.  The HS faculty met in small groups at the last faculty meeting to summarize and prioritize not only the tips from the authors but also brainstorm as a group additional tips they could add.  All of their suggestions will be shared in the Coaches office – otherwise known as B150.

Although the word grit is not used in Chapter 8, the authors do state, “that the most successful students are those who take charge of their own learning.”  Also of note is the fact that failure often is and almost needs to be a part of the learning process and should be viewed as such and not as a dead end or a reason to quit.  If we could get our students to believe that their intellectual gains or lack thereof are largely within their power we would be half way home.

This chapter is by far the most practical and if you want all of the excellent tips – feel free to stop by and borrow a book 🙂  I will share some that stuck out for me…

Tips for Students

  • Use self-quizzing as opposed to continuous re-reading
  • Self quizzing should include new topics as well as topics previously covered
  • Review of material should be spaced out- enough time for some forgetting to take place making retrieval more of an effort – that effort will help cement the learning
  • Mixing it up is good – don’t study all of the same thing for extended periods of time
  • Don’t forget about the flashcards you’ve told yourself you know – circle back to them as well

Tips for Lifelong Learners (hopefully that is all of us!)

  • “delete the whimpering and go wrestle the bear” – love that quote – enough said!

Tips for Teachers

  • Don’t assume students know how to learn – talk to them about the theory behind learning – the benefits of grit and how to make failure work to their advantage
  • Don’t assume students know how to study – teach them the study strategies mentioned above and then some
  • Quiz frequently and assign low stakes grading
  • Review the past with the present and let them investigate the future
  • Incorporate spaced practice and interleave topics

Tips for Trainers

  • In-service training / Create a culture of learning – see my previous post on the instructional coaches at RHS – we are all over this tip 🙂

I’ve enjoyed sharing our BIG READ with you – hope you have enjoyed reading along with us!  I am serious about loaning our books – stop by 🙂

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