End of Marking Period 2 Assessment

The extended homeroom/ academic support schedule will be held again on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.  Thursday was such a success, everyone was asking for a repeat.  It was very impressive to walk around and see everyone engaged in some aspect of studying.  This has sparked an interest in continuing to investigate some creative ways to enhance our daily schedule.  The schedule will be the one previously sent home in the Instant Alert.

The marking period two benchmark schedule is attached.  They will begin on Thursday (1/22) and end on Tuesday (1/27).  All of these assessments should be performance based in nature.  What that means essentially is that we are moving from the mere content laden test to one that is more authentic – more an application of not only what you know – but what you can  apply  in problem solving.  I’ve said many times that this is a culture switch for us and one we are moving toward.  Designing our own assessments in this manner will not only give our students a heads up on the performance based PARCC in March but more importantly provide data on what has truly been learned and not simple memorized.

The HS guidance director, Mr. Dimiceli, and our district testing coordinator, Mrs. Paredes-Corbel will be sharing more detailed information regarding our PARCC schedule in the very near future – it will be posted here as well.

Benchmark Assessment Schedule – MP2

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