It is customary that we have our winter pep rally right before our winter break – so today is the day.  One of our admin Santa’s helpers (aka Ms. Hackney)  has a bit too much fun organizing our students for some RAM pride fun.  I’ve heard tell that our wrestlers will be dancing and our students will be coaching some faculty in “Holiday Hoops!”  It should be a great way to send everyone home for the holidays!  I will try and share some photos after the fact!.

I’ve said many times that turning things over to students always yields great results. The below was composed by Anastasia Matyola – a senior and member of our Tomorrow’s Leaders program.  She prepared this for the pep rally and a group of students will be reading it to our student body!

“Twas the night before Winter Break when all through the halls,
The cheerleaders hung streamers to decorate bland walls.
Team banners were hung in the gymnasium with care,
With hopes that winning seasons soon would be theirs.
A smile was stretched across Mrs. Poppy’s delightful face,
As she was pleased by her swimmers with their lightning fast pace.
And the wrestlers were sneaking their last forbidden snacks,
Making sure to hide from Coach Suk, for if he knew, he would definitely attack
When out on the ice there rose such a clatter,
The fans at Mennen sprang from their seats to see what was the matter.
Toward the goal the Rams flew with agility and speed,
Proving the point that the hockey team will always succeed
When what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But a ferocious basketball team and amazing players whom opponents fear,
With a talented track team so lively and quick,
It’s known for a fact that the RAMS are always number one pick
Best school in the world, loyal Randolph fans at every game
So many activities to choose from, clubs and sports all the same.
Now fencing, now key club, now Tomorrow’s Leaders and more,
Our school is filled with students and staff to adore!

Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy holiday season – See you in 2015!!!
Mrs. Iosso and the entire RHS admin team!

holiday hoops 6
Coach Suk 🙂
holiday hoops5
Hoops I Did It Again!
holiday hoops 2
Sneaks and Geeks!
holiday hoops
Holiday Hoops 2014! RAM PRIDE


Ugly Sweater Winners!
Ugly Sweater Winners!

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