Well – snow was certainly not in my Thanksgiving wish – but if I attempt a positive spin then it’s one day closer to hot and humid 🙂

I will admit that this unexpected snow day gives me a bit more time to get Thanksgiving dinner closer to being ready.  I even attempted baking this year – NOT a strength for me by any stretch of the imagination.  My boys joke that baking in our house was slice and bake or possibly Mrs. Smith’s – they would love when people came to the house with homemade baked goods!!  So, they don’t know it but I have a store-bought pie in the laundry room just in case 🙂

This is one of my favorite holidays because it truly is about spending some time on what we all have to be thankful for.  While most of my family does not live in the area – my parents continue to thrive at 84 and 86.  My Dad’s request of me over the summer was to bring him a basketball so he could work on his foul shot – and that’s after three strokes – yes, he is my hero.  Mom keeps us all together and never forgets a birthday, anniversary or Halloween cards for my boys (despite them both being well beyond the costume age!)  My three boys (one being actually 11 months older than me :-)) are a constant source of joy – and sometimes stress – but they are what is most precious.

On top of a terrific family, I get to spend each day at RHS with amazing colleagues and terrific students.  While we are constantly looking for ways to enhance what we do, RHS is one amazing high school and I am thankful for the continued support of the Randolph district and community.

I hope each of you has time to reflect on that which is most precious to you.  Enjoy the snow – but wish for a quick return of summer!





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