Teachers facilitating learning for other teachers
Teachers facilitating learning for other teachers

RAM camp 5 RAM camp 6 RAM camp board RAM camp RAM camp2 RAM camp4 Our professional development day – October 13th – was deemed a success.  The whole idea of this RAM camp was based on edcamps – a kind of un-conference- which is quickly growing in popularity.  Edcamps are designed to be free, allow anyone attending to be a presenter/facilitator, void of vendors and salesman and arranged so that participants can roam from one presentation to another and gather the information that they need.

We had 25 teachers – or groups of teachers – sign up to facilitate and/or lead a session.  The topics included but were not limited to:

Geogebra, gamification, virtual spaces, designing videos, formative assessments, engineering and S.T.E.M., Google drive, standards alignment etc.

The “Law of Two Feet” prevailed during the session meaning that participants were free to move from one session to another.

I will admit that designing this type of PD caused one or two sleepless nights wondering if we’d be sitting around all day waiting for people to sign up to facilitate.  Turns out that it wasn’t a problem at all – we had more than enough staff ready, willing and able to share their thoughts and expertise with their colleagues.  I ran around and saw as many of the 25 sessions as my two feet would allow (I think I only  missed 3) and I was truly impressed not only with the awesome presentations but with the engagement of all staff.  PD has to be somewhat personal in order to be meaningful and Monday was a great example of that.  I had staff members tell me it was the best professional development of their career – that is kudos to them as they were the ones who truly designed, facilitated and reflected on what was presented.

Looks like RAM camp is here to stay 🙂

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