The HS continues to have a team of teachers and administrators who meet regularly during lunch to “chat and chew!”  ( I borrowed that from our instructional coaches).  As part of one of those leadership discussions a few years ago we talked about ways to continue to enhance the culture and climate of RHS.  We wanted the idea to be driven by passion and not by directives or deadlines.  We came up with PASSION PROJECTS and left the rest to the staff.  Our only oversight was that the project had to in some way have a positive impact on the culture and climate of the high school.

These projects do not take the place of meetings or department goals or building goals ~ they do not take the place of professional learning communities.  Our teachers still meet with departments for vertical and horizontal curriculum alignment and with the building as a whole.  These projects go above and beyond to add that extra level beyond compliance that contributes to building our RAMily.

I am once again incredibly impressed with our staff.  We combined our PASSION PROJECT SHOWCASE with a little gelato provided by the administrative/supervisory team as well as the continuation of our professional development work (curriculum/assessment alignment) and it turned out to be a great afternoon.

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608CD212-3F17-49E0-B820-157BAD1A31BFA wise person once said that it is never good to have just one ROCK STAR IN A FAMILY ~ which works for the Lonie Family because now they have 2!  (Mr. Lonie was our rock star last year!)

It is with much pride and great pleasure that I introduce to you the RHS Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Michelle Lonie.  She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in English with a minor in Creative Writing and a Masters of Arts in Teaching English with a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing.  She has also earned her School Library Media Specialist certification.  Mrs. Lonie teaches children in courses that include all levels of English and most recently signed on as one of our AP Capstone instructors.

While accolades for Mrs. Lonie could fill this room, they would not be what makes her worthy of being Teacher of the Year.  Mrs. Lonie has the innate ability to see hearts and souls first ~ content second.  She connects with students in such a way that they understand that she is going to work with them endlessly until they reach their actual potential.  She facilitates, motivates, engages, guides, comforts if necessary and repeats the process until goals are reached.

Mrs. Lonie has earned the respect of her students, her colleagues, the administration and our entire school community.  She is instrumental in making this high school all that it is and this administrator could not be more proud to work along side her.



In memory…

Happy Memorial Day Weekend ~ in addition to enjoying family and friends and hopefully some great weather with burgers on the grill, please take time to celebrate the memories of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice…

Personalized Learning

One of the great advantages of our district is the continued ability to be able to attend professional development conferences to witness first hand the trends and best practices in education.  What we bring back from our PD conferences is shared with our staff and I will use this blog to share as well.

Recently I spent a few days at the Mid Atlantic Conference on Personalized Learning.  There was a time when this simply meant that students may have some differentiation in the content, process or product of a lesson within a classroom of their grade level peers.  Today it means so much more.

I was definitely intrigued to hear what some school districts have done with personalized learning.  Personalized learning has evolved into more about creating playlists of courses based on pathways of learning constructed around student voice and interest.  It is likely that your grade level becomes less important as you are working within cohorts of students whose interests are the same or similar to yours.  The teacher becomes the facilitator of different cohorts and the playlists dictate the projects, assignments and assessments that students participate in.  To go even deeper, the work is based on each individual’s  pre~assessments so that the content can be personally prescribed for each learner.  Important to note is that this is not learning solely via technology- i.e. online learning. Personalized learning platforms should also incorporate the strategies of collaboration, cooperative learning, peer research, direct instruction etc.   It is likely that upon graduation, high school students could not only have high school diplomas but depending on the cohort they have chosen, there is a potential to earn certificates in various areas as well ~ what a great way to set apart a transcript!

Personalized learning can also be utilized on a smaller scale for remedial type programs as well as a replacement and/or supplement to code of conduct consequences.  There are also opportunities for incorporating social emotional lessons into existing curriculum.

Some companies out there with websites on personalized learning may offer some additional information if you are interested in learning more- here’s one to start your journey…


We will continue to explore new and innovative trends in education to provide our students with the best possible educational experience!